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Mafia Bride by Rachel Burns
Requirements: .ePUB, .MOBI and/or .AZW3 Reader, 914KB
Overview: Twenty-eight-year-old Antonio Cristofano always gets what he wants. He is the rich son of the mafia boss, and he was raised to expect people to give him what he wants. When he wants a new car, he buys it. When he wants to fly across the world, he does. When he wants to sleep with a woman, a glance is enough to inform her that she has been chosen. No woman has ever denied him.
He doesn’t expect and different outcome when he sees Anna on the street. He asks her for directions that he doesn’t need. After seeing her smile, it’s clear that she will be the woman sleeping in his bed this evening. He kisses her hand and tells her he will see her later.
Anna thinks he’s crazy, but when one of his men shoves her into a waiting limousine, she understands that he means it.
She’s brought to a motel room to await the stranger so he can have his way with her. If he thinks that she’ll lay back and let him bed her, he has another thing coming. Anna hides a Swiss Army Knife under the pillow and hides things from her purse around the room.
When Antonio arrives at the motel, he expects to have a nice romp with the girl and then send her on her way. She refuses him. No one ever refuses him.
He offers her money, and she still refuses him. He spanks her, and she sleeps with him. Antonio has found a submissive who perfectly fits his dominant nature. He decides to keep her as his wife.
Will Anna be strong enough to survive being kidnapped by the mafia?
Genre: Romance


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