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Luxure (The Cardinal Brotherhood Book 1) by Sienna Parks
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Overview: “I am the deadliest of sins… but you know me as Lust.”

Estranged from The Cardinal Brotherhood, Lux has been roaming the Earth for a thousand years, biding his time until he can avenge the murder of his mate. Once upon a time, he was Lucifer’s second in command, and the most revered warrior of the Underworld. Presumed dead, he’s been lying in wait, readying himself for revenge.

Passing the time with humans has gotten old – seduction has become too easy in the twenty-first century. Lux believed there was no challenge left in this world… until the moment he set eyes on Sirena Sovende.

“She sees me for who I really am, like no being before her ever has.”

An anthropology professor, Sirena is convinced that there is no higher power, destiny, or fate in this life. However, she’s never found an understanding of her own wants and desires. The day she crosses paths with Luxure Zonder, her carefully constructed world begins to crumble, uncovering earth-shattering revelations that could threaten not only her life, but the very foundation of mankind.

As the reality of her existence unfolds, Lux begins to question everything he’s ever known. Now, he must make the decision to reunite The Cardinal Brotherhood, and enlist their help to save Sirena from falling into the clutches of those who would harm her, and risk throwing the Underworld, the Heavens, and everything in between into chaos.

Lux marks the beginning of an incredible journey of humanity, spirituality, and romance. The Cardinal Brotherhood is a paranormal powerhouse series. It will keep you on the edge of your seat, and desperate for more.
Genre: Fiction; Romance, Paranormal


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