Download Lupus Deus by Sophia Moore (.ePUB)

Lupus Deus by Sophia Moore (.ePUB)
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Size: 1.4mb
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Overview: In a world where Lycans are a myth, the werewolves believe of a monstrous beast whom they call, Lupus Deus—a wolf god behind the name Zaliver.
The gods become unhappy with Zaliver, who has spent hundreds of years bringing slaughter on the face of the earth. Thus, Vivian is created as the latter’s mate to tame his loathsome nature.
However, Zaliver is the only one of his kind—deprived of having a mate of his own.
What could have turned a seductive blue-eyed wolf god into a vicious demon? Will Vivian ever find happiness in her much-awaited mate when love could mean death?

Lupus Deus: A Werewolf Romance by [Sophia Moore]

Download Instructions: (Links updated on 17th October 2021. Thanks to Ryan Kai Jericho)

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