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Love and Lust Series by Melissa Devenport (1-3)
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Overview: Melissa Devenport’s erotic writing started as a very articulate and private diary. After a heartbreaking divorce from her high school sweetheart and husband, she decides to take revenge on life and go after what was previously nothing more than suppressed daydreams. This has now resulted in a career as a published writer where she openly tells about her adventurous escapades in a rather unfiltered and graphic way.
Genre: Erotic Romance


1. My Dirty Desires – Enough is enough. Melissa is done with being a doormat. A love affair she wasn’t meant to witness awakes a hunger for revenge on life. So what does a modern and independent woman with a curious mind do? Take it from the top… #1 Does size matter?
Suppressed and dirty desires are embraced as they appear. The boss of the local pub turns out to be the alpha male of any woman’s dream. Maybe even more that so. This story oozes of testosterone and confidence.

2. My Sinful Seductions – The divorce is final and Melissa no longer has to deal with an unworthy, cheating partner. She grabs the world by the balls, answers to no one and starts exploring the path to her own happiness.
It was a rough epiphany to digest that her husband throughout 10 years was living a double-life. Fortunately she came out the other end a much stronger and more independent woman. New challenges and steamy opportunities are presenting themselves and Melissa’s life starts pumping with adrenaline and excitement. Her ex-husband isn’t doing as great. Could it be karma?

3. My Burning Temptation – It’s easier said than done, but sometimes you just need to follow your heart.
Melissa needed to get her mind off the divorce and Adam achieved and surpassed. They had just started dating when he had to leave the country indefinitely to assist his brother with a collapsing business in Australia. She moved on with her life, but the memories lingered and it got her thinking. What if he was the one? One bold decision later and the trip goes to Australia.
Here the adventure takes an unexpected turn. It turns out that Adam’s sister-in-law has second agendas and dark clouds begin to roll in. Their relationship is put to the test as old lovers and new challenges are biding their time on the side-line just waiting to strike.

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