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Lost in Magadan: Extraterrestrials on Earth by William Lee
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Overview: When an interstellar cargo ship crashes in Far East Russia, Morgan “Snap” Slade and his squad of elite super soldiers are sent to recover the valuable cargo. Major Slade’s team, Lightning Squad, believes they are equipped with the most technologically advanced battle armor and weapons on Earth; but, soon find out they are little match for the Large Grey’s technology and anti-gravity fighters.

Snap and his team discover that the government, through a clandestine agency known as Majestic-12, has been working closely with Nordic aliens for decades. General Stone Byrd of the United States Space Command lends support to the team’s mission, from the top-secret, Moon Base as they battle the Russians and Large Greys.

As the plot unfolds, Snap and the others discover that the Large Grey’s influence on world events goes back much further than originally thought. From World War II, to the Soviet Union, and modern-day Russia, the Large Greys have had a hand in nearly every important world event. As the team fights to recover the priceless cargo, used in the production of anti-gravity fighters, traitors emerge to tip the scales in favor of the Large Greys.

Will Major Slade and Lightning Squad be able to recover the Element-115? Or will the Russians, aided by the Large Greys, seize the cargo, and control over Earth’s skies for generations to come? This action-packed, science fiction thriller is a must read for anyone that loves stories about alien agendas and government coverups
Genre: Fiction; Sci-fi/Fantasy


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