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Lies From Long Ago by Reign Waters-Gray
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Overview: She’s caught in a web of deceit…but she doesn’t know it.

Madison Alexander has her sights set on the future: in two years, she’ll be done with her degree and finally be able to dive deep into researching her passion: the Argiope aurantia, or writing spider. But she never expected to be caught in a dangerous web of another kind; one that threatens her family. Will she be the spider or the fly?

He’s playing with forbidden fruit… but he can’t resist.

Stephen James crossed the pond for a new job at an American University, hoping for a fresh start. Newly single, he finds Madison–one of his newest English students–irresistible, but things get even more complicated when he realizes she’s the daughter of an old friend; one who holds the key to secrets long since buried.

It’s family against family… with only one in the right.

When Madison stops her infatuation with Stephen and falls in love with his secret son Riley it opens old wounds and reveals family secrets that should’ve stayed in the past. But now that they’ve surfaced, Madison must face them–and the man responsible for this web of lies.
Genre: Mystery Thriller


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