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Liberating Atlantis by Harry Turtledove
Requirements: MP3 Player | 1.37 GB | 96 kbps
Overview: In The United States of Atlantis, Harry Turtledove recreated the American revolution in his island-continent, recasting the role of George Washington in the person of Victor Radcliff, one of the descendents of Atlantis’ founder, Edward Radcliffe. In the follow-up novel, Liberating Atlantis, Turtledove explores the freeing of black and Indian slaves from Atlantis’ southern states. However, rather than follow the American Civil War, Turtledove creates a slave insurrection. During the course of the war against the British, Victor Radcliff sired a bastard son on a slave, a relatively minor event, although it had repercussions in Radcliff’s domestic life. Now, decades later, that son’s son, the house slave Frederick Radcliff, finds himself sent into the fields after a mishap during a party. Resentment and circumstances result in an uprising that Frederick finds himself leading.

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