Download Learning the Korn Shell by Bill Rosenblatt (.CHM)

Learning the Korn Shell by Bill Rosenblatt
Requirements: CHM Reader, 0.7 MB 336 pages
Overview: "Shell" is UNIX jargon for the program that allows you to communicate with the computer by entering commands and getting responses. The shell is completely separate from the UNIX operating system per se; it’s just a program that runs on UNIX. With other systems such as MS-DOS, the Macintosh, and VM/CMS, the command interpreter or user interface is an integral part of the operating system.
Nowadays there are dozens of different shells floating around, ranging from the original standard, the Bourne shell, to menu-based and graphical interfaces. The most important shells have been the Bourne shell, the C shell, and now the Korn shell – the subject of this book.

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