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LAW OF ATTRACTION: The Guide to Attract a Specific Person, Get Your Ex Back and Have the Relationship of Your Dreams. Manifesting Love | Health | Success | Wealth | …Happiness. NEW VERSION by ESTHER GREENE
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Overview: Discover how you can harness the law of attraction to win back your ex and more!

Do you want to uncover the secrets of the law of attraction?

Looking for proven ways to manifest love, happiness, and the life of your dreams?

Then keep reading!

Inside this powerful guide, you’ll uncover proven strategies to help you harness the incredible law of attraction. With a breakdown of the science behind manifestation, tips and tricks for manifesting wealth and abundance, and step-by-step strategies to help you win back an ex, this audiobook is your ticket to the law of attraction.

Whether you’re looking to manifest love, happiness, wealth, success, health, or even a specific person into your life, inside you’ll find a wealth of insightful advice on how the law of attraction can help you.

Here’s what you’ll find in this comprehensive guide:

What Is The Law of Attraction Really – The Science Behind Manifestation

Top Law of Attraction Myths Debunked

Powerful Strategies For Manifesting The Life of Your Dreams (Success, Wealth, Happiness, and More)

Step-By-Step Instructions For Manifesting a Specific Person To Win Your Ex Back

Must-Know Things To Avoid When Practicing Manifestation

The Key To Lasting Happiness and Success (Few People Truly Know About This)

And Much More!

So if you’re looking for real, actionable ways to harness the law of attraction and transform your life, then this audiobook is for you. Even if you’ve never used manifestation before, inside you’ll find step-by-step strategies and easy-to-follow advice designed to get you started in no time at all.
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