Download Kissed by Fire series by Caroline Hale (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Kissed by Fire series by Caroline Hale (#1-#4)
Requirements: Epub reader/Azw3 reader, 1.56 Mb
Overview: Caroline Hale is a writer of paranormal romance fiction.
Genre: Romance, Paranormal


Marked by the Dragon King (Kissed by Fire #1)
There are only two things that I know for sure. One, I will always be an embarrassment and an outcast because my magic is broken. Two, Dragons aren’t real. Everybody knows that.
I’ve made peace with my strange life, trapped between the human world and the magical city hidden beneath it. I have a decent job. My own apartment. A cat. Oh, and my smoking hot boyfriend in my bed every night. Too bad he’s just a dream. Or is he?
When I wake up with irrefutable evidence of his existence burned into my flesh, I really start to wonder. World shattering ramifications aside, my mundane life just got a lot more complicated. If Asher isn’t just a pleasant distraction conjured by my mind every night, then all the crazy things I’ve been letting him do to me are… real. And he’s going to expect a lot more than I’m willing to give when he finally wakes up.

Taken by the Dragon King (Kissed by Fire #2)
Setting my dragon lover free was apparently the easy part. Now I have to explain that Asher has been trapped for thousands of years and everyone he ever loved is gone. Not to mention the curse that’s keeping him from his true power is still active and I don’t know how to lift it, or if we can trust the people who do.
Ash doesn’t seem to have any interest in ruling over this strange new world. He’s far more interested in ruling over me. But we need him. If he won’t help us, who will?

Bound to the Dragon King (Kissed by Fire #3)
All we want to do is be together, but there is so much standing in our way. A curse that threatens to seal Asher back into his prison. My broken magic. A legion of evil mages searching for us on behalf of a twisted Fae King. And now we start arguing?
My dragon lover wants something that I just can’t seem to give him. Every time I try, that raging inferno of power I crave threatens to consume me. But if I don’t find a way to control it, to lift the curse, every magical creature in the world is doomed forever and we can’t let that happen.

Claimed by the Dragon King (Kissed by Fire #4)
I thought I’d found a way to lift Asher’s curse and it turned out to be a trap! Now we have to fight to be together before we can even attempt to defeat the twisted Fae King.
The fate of the Underground and everyone we love is at stake. Will my Dragon King save me in time?

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