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Just Between the Two of Us by Jacqueline Lilly
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Overview: Emilia Roman enjoyed her scheduled life: work, school, church, and repeat. Everything was going according to schedule until she met Lucy.

Lucy had a habit of looking perpetually lonely. The way that only girls who lean against the brick wall of an out building could look. Her shadow looked out of place in between the two portables and the smirk etched across her lips made her look somewhat unapproachable. Her light brown hair was perfectly straight and kicked up in the breeze underneath her faded trucker’s hat. She looked dangerous and brooding with her hat turned backwards and her hands shoved into the front pockets of her black jeans. She was cool and calm and collected. She smiled at everyone who walked past her, but she never left her post against the wall. She looked like she was waiting for someone to give her an excuse to move.

Emilia went out of her way to walk past her, hoping that Lucy had saved a smile for her. She was in a hurry, but that didn’t account for her quickening breath. Her heart was in her throat, and she knew it was beating so loudly that everyone nearby could probably hear it thumping loudly against her vocal cords. She was certain that it sounded like a kettle drum being played by an upbeat street musician.

What was it about this mysterious person that caused such a visceral reaction?
Genre: Fiction > Romance FF


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