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Just A Dream by Amanda Faye (Doctor Drama Book 1)
Requirements: epub reader, 249 kb
Overview: Dr. Liam Mackenzie has it all—a job he loves, a family he adores, and a wife he can’t live without… until he wakes up from a coma and realizes his perfect life only exists in his dreams. Now, he has a dilemma: risk his years’ long friendship for love everlasting or ignore what his heart and soul want?
Samantha Johnson is more than a great Nurse Practitioner; She’s a great best friend. When her longtime friend awakens from a coma, she knows in her heart, she’s where she’s supposed to be, but there’s one major problem—she’s engaged to another man.
Will their sudden realization that they’re perfect for each other cause irrevocable damage to their friendship or will it lead them to a long-awaited happily ever after?
Genre: Romance


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