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Junkland by Patrick Johns (The Hoarding Book 1)
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Overview: Jahrys Grent, a young boy from Palor, has only one dream: to become a knight. While he works in his father’s shop, he daydreams of fearless knights from tales long ago. He longs to save a princess from treacherous outlaws, overthrow cruel kings, and explore the lands beyond the Farrest Sea and the Western Mountains.

He believes that a knight fears nothing—until the Hoarding comes to Astenpoole and he experiences fear firsthand. With his family gone and his home destroyed, Jahrys is one of many whose life is turned upside down when he is left abandoned outside the castle walls by the once loved king.

In order to survive, Jahrys is forced to become a Retriever, locating things beyond the castle walls in the Junkland for inhabitants of the castle. When one mission puts him and his friends in danger, he realizes the only way to stop the Hoarding is to get into the castle and find the mysterious princess he had fallen in love with three years before.
Genre: Science Fiction/ Fantasy


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