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Josh Welsh’s Books Collection by Josh Welsh
Requirements: .ePUB Reader, 1.3 MB
Overview: A set of 3 novels written by Josh Welsh.
Genre: Fiction > Mystery/Thriller


Virgins Without Number
Emily, his daughter, was kidnapped right under his nose ten years ago. John, ashamed of himself, abandons his remaining wife and son… Fast-forward to the present: Emily is still trapped in Ben’s evil trafficking organization. John, in a moment of fate or chance, meets his son, though neither recognize one another. And when John sees a girl who looks i just like Emily, he steals his son’s car, and chases her kidnapper in hot pursuit. Time and time again, John is eluded by the enemy. And worse, John has now come to a reckoning: everyone wants answers. But answers are cut short because he has only one more chance to save her. Will Emily ever find hope? Or will she have to cast it aside, wasted, like the past ten years of her life?

When Sparrows Fall
Adam Barrows wanted to die. Then he did. That was supposed to be the end. But it isn’t because he wakes up minutes later…Adam finally decides to do it. Sick of life, he wishes to enter the bliss of an easy end. He leaves behind his family: Mary, wife; Christine, daughter; and Jackson, son. And when Adam dies, he unleashes a demon hellbent on attacking his family while Adam, trapped in his new eternity, watches them fall apart. Will Adam find redemption in this new world? Will he be able to guide his family from the afterlife? Or will this demon rip his family apart as Adam remains helpless?

He has watched. He has waited. And now, he will possess… Susan Stanton doesn’t know that she is perfect. She doesn’t know that Quincy is also perfect. And she definitely didn’t know that Quincy has already planned her life: perfectly. Susan’s ride to the sky, to the Ivy League life, to fame and fortune, is cut short when Quincy enacts his plans for her, and Susan is left with the most impossible of choices. Will Susan escape the fate Quincy has forced upon her? Or will she fall into his version of the straight and narrow? Does she even have a choice?

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