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Into His Arms: A Yaoi Merman Fairytale by Amelita Rae (Beloved Book 2)
Requirements: ePUB Readfr, 1.1mb
Overview: After ten years of searching obsessively, Raiden has finally found his beloved and brought him into his home- a palatial aquatic mansion built with the merboy’s every comfort in mind. But for all the luxuries the billionaire has provided, the one thing he cannot give his sweet Akira, is himself. No matter how much they wish to be together, they find themselves constantly separated by their one insurmountable obstacle- the water. Raiden cannot live in it, and Akira cannot live without it…. Or can he? Raiden is about to learn that when dealing with mythical creatures, it may be best not to make assumptions… and that their happily-ever-after may not be so unobtainable after all.

The conclusion of this two-part fairytale romance from author Amelita Rae will warm your heart and stunning illustrations by Skyler Thacmis will captivate your imagination. This memorable story will win you over and leave you begging for more.
Genre: MM Romance


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