Download Insta Love Shy Girl Romances Box Set #1-5 by Haley Travis (.ePUB)

Insta Love Shy Girl Romances Box Set #1-5 by Haley Travis
Requirements: epub reader, 363 kb
Overview: The first five *Up Love* stories in one book!
Genre: Romance


#1 – Icing Up Love – When a cake decorator meets a former hockey player, the icing meets the ice in a whirlwind fast romance.
I just wanted to survive the holidays.
Then gorgeous, confident Nolan appeared, wanting to be my date to my one annual social obligation.
He makes my heart race so quickly my brain shuts off, and I find myself able to talk a bit more.
But it was too much, too fast, and I know that I’m not what he truly needs.
Fights or force, I’d always gotten my way.
From the second I saw her, I knew Sharolyn was mine.
But I had to learn to be careful. Gentle. It would be all too easy to scare this shy girl away.

#2 – Packing Up Love – When a moving man falls for a damsel in distress, his overprotective urges are too heavy for a girl labelled, “Fragile”.

#3 – Snapping Up Love – Will an event photographer keep his focus when the perfect model steps into his life?

#4 – Inking Up Love – Can a tattoo artist keep his hands steady when the girl of his dreams walks in the door?
I hadn’t realized there had been a Leah-shaped hole in my life.
I needed her before I knew her. I wanted her before I even tasted her.
Magic eyes that twinkle with mischief. Soft, milky curves.
And a mind as sharp as my needles.
I just had to find a way to show her that I fit into her life, too.
I’m not getting a tattoo.
Yet I do need something new and different. Maybe like Grant.
The sweet artist is gorgeous, and the thought of him doing what his hungry stare promises leaves me twitching.
Sure, he’s covered in ink and his muscles ripple when he moves, but he’s as kind as he is tough.
But I’m dreaming. There’s no way a girl like me could hold his interest. Is there?
Call me crazy, but I think he’s looking at me like he’s already in love.

#5 – Snipping Up Love – When a billionaire visits a new hair stylist, ‘a little off the top’ becomes ‘over the top’ in an instant romance.

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