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Initiates by Scott Gelowitz (The Book of Adam #3)
Requirements: epub/mobi Reader, 654kb
Overview: After discovering the note with his father’s intitials in the Killaly graveyard, Adam McTaggart knows that his father, Edward, moved the Heartstone. He also suspects that Edward might still be alive, but has no idea where he or the Heartstone could be.

Because Adam barely escaped capture by Larix’s men and is now clearly a target, the Sentinel League has decided that the best thing for Adam is to make him and his friends full initiates. That means putting the boys through the program at the League’s secret training facility. But if the boys fail at the training facility, they risk relocation far away, with their memories wiped, never to see home again.

Being the youngest initiates in a century, brings its own challenges at the training facility, but trying to figure out what Edward did in the last months before his ‘death’ is the biggest challenge of all.

Can Adam and his friends uncover the information they need in order to recover the Heartstone, all while making sure they aren’t rejected by the League?
Genre: Young Adult, Sci-FI Mustery


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