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Indelible (Divided Series #1) by J.E. DiPalo
Requirements: ePUB / MOBI / AZW Reader, 1.3MB
Overview: Corbin James is a relatively normal teenager with a not-at-all normal background – but he doesn’t know that. When he meets the new girl in the neighborhood, Christine DiFiore, he begins having strange and sometimes terrifying dreams. As their relationship grows, and other strange events occur, she tries to convince him to believe his dreams are memories. When she goes missing, Corbin finds out how much more there is to know about his life – or lives – and how the dreams of fighting, falling, and flying are connected. His mission to find her leads him to extraordinary worlds where the realms of Myth and Legend meets the Supernatural – and he has played a major part.
Genre: Fiction; Romance, Fantasy


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