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In a Dark Land by Christina Soontornvat (The Changelings #2)
Requirements: epub/mobi Reader, 2.8MB
Overview: What is a Fairy without her magic?

Life hasn’t been the same since Izzy found out she was a Changeling during a trip to the magical land of Faerie. Sure, she’s glad to be back on Earth with her human family, but she can’t stop thinking about the amazing friends she left behind. Even worse, Izzy can’t seem to change anymore. She can’t stand the thought of losing all ties to the one place she felt like she truly belonged. So when Izzy gets a chance to return to Faerie, she’s quick to say yes.

But when a new evil threatens not only Faerie, but Earth itself, will Izzy get her magic back in time to help save everyone she loves?
Genre: YA, Fantasy


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