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I LOVE HOT WINGS! Lose Weight, Your Way by Chris Owens
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Overview: Mass market weight loss plans are wonderful, but they don’t work for everyone. If you’ve tried a variety of approaches with little to no results, perhaps it’s because the plans you followed weren’t geared specifically to the unique person that greets you in the mirror every day. We each have individual strengths, weaknesses, reasons, and goals when it comes to losing weight, and we have to take these factors into account before we can be successful at making change.
Chris Owens, MA, LPC wrote “I LOVE HOT WINGS! Lose Weight, Your Way” to describe the methods behind his own successful journey towards a 70-pound weight loss. After many years of failed attempts, Chris ultimately found his own pathway, which – by the way – did not include extreme exercise, diet, or medications; as a matter of fact, he also refused to give up some of his favorite foods, including hot wings. Instead, he chose to develop his approach by utilizing the basic clinical knowledge that he’s employed while counseling countless clients and training thousands of fellow counselors over the years. With a thought-provoking combination of humorous stories, psychological principles, and behavior change strategies, you’ll remain engaged from the first page on, as you begin to think about what could go into your own plan.
A clear message resonates throughout this book – Chris will not TELL you what to do. However, by reading elements of his story, you’ll learn about the easy-to-understand psychological techniques and simple behavioral tricks at play. You’ll also be inspired to examine your own story, and then select, explore, and adjust various pieces that sound like a good fit for you. “I LOVE HOT WINGS!” provides the template for beginning your change efforts, but the detailed blueprint is yours to make and adapt along the way of your own journey.
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