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How to Escape From Jehovah’s Witnesses by Lloyd Evans, Paul Grundy (Foreword)
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Overview: Jehovah’s Witnesses number into the millions globally and are well known for their public evangelism about God’s kingdom. But beneath the facade of brotherly love and organizational unity lies a captive organization in which doubts are stifled and dissent is ruthlessly crushed. Once a Witness stops believing, they face being ostracized as a loathed "mentally diseased" apostate. They must navigate a labyrinth of obstacles and dilemmas due to the organization’s cruel policy of shunning former members. Lloyd Evans is a well known ex-Witness writer and activist, and in his second book he draws on his firsthand, insider knowledge as a former elder to guide would-be escapees through the minefield that awaits them. How should elders be dealt with? What resources are available for objective research? What should someone do if they are threatened with judicial action? What about coming clean to family members? How does someone go about rebuilding their social circle? What precautions should be taken to maintain privacy when browsing apostate material online? All these questions and more are answered in How to Escape From Jehovah’s Witnesses, described by Paul Grundy of as "an invaluable tool in helping [former Witnesses] move on as efficiently and painlessly as possible."
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