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The Hoshoku Chronicles by Vincent Fields (#1-2)
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Overview: Vince is a lifelong student of the martial arts, having studied extensively with several of the world’s best instructors and fighters since 1981. He has competed in over 200 matches in various combat sports, including Mixed Martial Arts cage fighting. He enlisted in the Marine Corps after high school where he spent 2 years in Japan on an anti-terrorism security team and then went to Fox 2/5 special operations unit where he was an amphibious assault boat raider. After the Corp he attended Southern Illinois University in Carbondale Illinois where he earned a BA in Administration of Justice and taught a credited Self-Defense and Mixed Martial Arts class. Since then he has worked full time in Law Enforcement and continues to teach in seminars nationwide, through instructional DVD’s and in weekly classes. He is a Christian who enjoys RV camping with his family around beautiful Southern Illinois.
Genre: Science Fiction > Post-Apocalyptic

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In the Apocalypse, a Hero Rises (#1)
Set in the near future; Takamura Graves is an early 30’s cop from the small Midwestern US city of Marion Illinois. Within him lies a unique heritage that has enabled him to develop a seemingly supernatural ability. As Tak struggles to keep his gift hidden, society collapses around him in a sudden economic crash. As chaos erupts he fights to be a force of good in which he must become Hoshoku; the ultimate predator in a world gone mad.

Road Trip Through the Apocalypse (#2)
Our country is plummeting into chaos in the days just after the apocalypse. Tak and his friends embark on a heroic cross-country journey as society crumbles around them. Aided by his supernatural heritage, they must face ruthless enemies who care nothing for the old laws that don’t apply in this newly forming world. All the while Tak is doggedly pursued by a villain with powers as great as his own, who is hell bent on his utter destruction.
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In the Apocalypse, a Hero Rises (#1)

Road Trip Through the Apocalypse (#2)

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