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Home Invasion by Sadie Sins (Obsession #1)
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Overview: Joshua is losing it. Stuck in the house with his oblivious father, he’s hoping to get through the winter break without making a complete ass out of himself. His unnatural attraction has only gotten worse with time, and nothing he does can curb his obsession.

Kyle Wright can’t figure out why Joshy has gotten so quiet lately. Worried that college has been too hard on his son, he’s determined to make the holidays fun for the both of them.
That Christmas evening, when dusk is darkening the sky, a stranger visits the Wright’s home wearing a Santa hat and carrying a gun. Bound and forced to submit to the thief’s depraved demands, the Wright men try to find a way to survive the night.

Nick isn’t a saint by any means, but he might be the miracle Joshua’s been dreaming of. That is if the gunman’s ever willing to leave.

Warning: contains explicit sexual m/m content between multiple partners and graphic language. It features forced incest, first time, straight to gay, a very small amount of violence, and a HFN ending.
Genre: Erotica, MM Romance


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* I had to delete the PDF version because it had my personal email stamped on it. I apologize.

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