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Hollywood Connections Series by Renee Porter (#01~2)
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Overview: Renee Porter was previously an editor and writer for non-fiction books and publications as well as an award winning writer of short fiction. She is the author of the series of novels, The Taliaferro Chronicles, including The 13th Victim, Redmption Ridge, and An Inquisition of Angels. She is also author of the novels Bell Park and the Dreamville Trilogy. Gordon’s Dreams, vol. II of the Dreamville Trilogy was released last year and the final volume, Pieces of April, was released in April 2013.
Genre: Romance | FF


B Montgomery hates her life. She’s not popular, constantly bullied, and now the whole school knows her sexual orientation and not by choice. The only person in her corner is her mother and B was fine with that…that is, until she meets her new neighbor, Madeline Fields.
Madeline Fields is everything that B is not. She’s beautiful, a daredevil and doesn’t care about anything but getting back to New York to become a successful actress. That is, until she meets B Montgomery.

The two women become quick friends but soon find out that time is not on their side. While Maddie moves back to New York after graduation, B needs to do something to fill the regret of basically telling Maddie to leave.
Through the years both women grow up separately only to come together yet again. Can they rebuild the connection that brought them together ten years earlier? Or did that connection ever even break?

2.Counting Stars
Ryan Stark grew up in the glitz and glamor of Hollywood. After a dramatic turn of events, she secluded herself from that life, fully engrossing herself in her work of keeping young LGBTQ youths off of the street. Even though her love life leaves much to the imagination, Ryan depends on her loving yet quirky best friends to get her through without fully diving into the life of a hermit.
A chanced blind date gone wrong leads her to meet the stunningly beautiful Charlie. With a mysterious grin and shy smile, Ryan soon develops a friendship with Charlie that surpasses any relationship that she had ever had with any one person in her life. But she soon finds out that Charlie is very much off limits, since her career of choice would land her directly into the life that she had tried so desperately to remove herself from.
Set in the same world as Gravity, watch as these two women attempt to traverse the dramatic events that life always seems to bring. And with a little help from Maddie and B, maybe these two women can find the happiness that they both deserve.

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