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Healing Hearts series by Dixie Lynn Dwyer (#1-3,15-17)
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Overview: People seem to be more interested in my name than where I get my ideas for my stories from. So I might as well share the story behind my name with all my readers.
My momma was born and raised in New Orleans. At the age of twenty, she met and fell in love with an Irishman named Patrick Riley Dwyer. Needless to say, the family was a bit taken aback by this as they hoped she would marry a family friend. It was a modern day arranged marriage kind of thing and my momma downright refused.
Genre: Romance Erotic MFMM

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Warrior Angel (#1) Kai vows to never love another, and now her life’s work is to help every soldier in need, every law enforcement officer, every first responder, so that no one is left behind.
Kai is known as the warrior angel, the woman who started Guardians help and has been a life saver to those in need. Helping soldiers get the assistance they need–medical and psychological–and transitioning back into civilian life, as well as law enforcement officers and others who suffer from PTSD. Kai want to give them hope for a new life, a happy one, yet she has given up on love and accepted to never love again.
The last thing she expects is fall in love with three men that represent everything she fears, and yet everything she is drawn to. After losing her brother, a State Trooper killed in the line of duty, and failing to keep her soldier boyfriend alive as he slowly fell deeper and deeper into depression, she doesn’t think she could ever be in a relationship with a soldier or a cop.
Zayn, Thermo, and Selasi have got it all. The emotions, the toughness, Special Forces, law enforcement, PTSD, stubbornness, and then some, but somehow they fall in love.
She’s resistent, and it nearly costs her everything.

Fight for Freedom (#2) North has a secret. She is in hiding in Mercy, South Carolina after surviving being abused, drugged, and sold to a drug dealing terrorist by her own brother. Her scars run deep but she is determined to live a somewhat normal life, even knowing that she might forever be looking over her shoulder waiting for Forester to find her and take her back. She’s established a real estate career, has made good friends, and keeps to herself.
Until her friend’s three cousins return from a mission and seem to show interest in her. One thing leads to another, and not only is she fighting for her freedom, and trying to keep them unaware of her past to keep them alive, but she is being hunted, and as she lets down her guard, Forester attacks.
It’s a race against time to locate her in Costa Rica, but her men are resourceful, and there’s nothing a bunch of crazy determined mercenaries won’t do to get their woman back in their arms and kill the man who holds her life in his hands.

Just a Little Kiss (#3) Amelia is fighting for her life from the control of an abusive ex-boyfriend. He stalks her, knows her every move, and threatens her with assault and death to her friends. She doesn’t know what else to do to comply. When she meets Watson, Dell, and Fogerty, the attraction is instant, and their push for her to take a chance and to just let go makes her think she can ignore the truth of her life and the danger she is in and be happy. Even if that happiness only lasts for one weekend of ecstasy. Her ex-boyfriend’s wrath and plans for her are beyond the nightmare she’s been living. He can watch her every move and knows that she was unfaithful, so he makes an attempt to kill Fogerty or at minimum send him a warning. Amelia has no choice, she must conceded to the rules of the man she fears or she could get her lovers killed.
She doesn’t know about a bigger picture here because of the secret agents, undercover operations, hidden pasts, and of course her men’s connections as mercenaries and Special Forces operatives. She’s ready to die to save them from being hurt or killed, but they’re ready to rescue her and no one is going to stand in their way, operation or not.

Can’t Hurry Love (#15) Nina Voltaro’s only wish is to never feel pain and heartache again. She comes to the conclusion that you can’t hurry love, and just maybe being loved just isn’t meant to be. She’s trying to start a new life with help from Francesca combined with her decorating skills. She’s determined to start a new business and the last thing she expects is to catch the eyes of three gangster, businessmen who she fears could be just like her ex, Sanford, and rule with fists and force. She avoids them best she can, until she takes on a job for them, witnesses their distrust in women, and learns that there’s good reason for their attitudes and distrust. They’ve been hurt before, and showing any weakness or vulnerability is not something they’re willing to risk again.
Combined, all their issues are justified, and they learn that true love can sneak up on them when they least expect it, and they surely can’t resist the power of it all. Nina, Costanza, Covaney, and Merdock, soon realize that despite taking so long, love finally came their way. As happiness, and a better life blind them from the dangers lurking, it’s too late when Nina’s ex returns, ready to seek revenge against the men who destroyed any hope of making money in his criminal life, and he wants them dead, and Nina all to himself once again.

Happiness in a Heartbeat (#16) Sue is determined to handle life and any problems on her own just like she’s done since she was sixteen. So when one bad decision costs her her job, her apartment, and the successful future she’s determined to get, she doesn’t quit, she works harder, ignoring the past until that bad decision catches back up with her.
A little too sweet, and a little naive, Sue thinks she can walk away from men who want her as an escort for some top business people. She never agreed to anything, was drugged and touched against her will, and she’s lucky worse didn’t happen. She won’t tell a soul and tried to ignore the bad decision and just be thankful to be alive. It makes her more resistant to accepting any man’s advances, and her focus is on making money and surviving. Falling in love with the owner of the bar she works at along with his three brothers who she met before and ignored, may turn out to be the best decision of her life, and the only chance she has of surviving.
Vin, Nolte, Cane, and Cobra’s love for her, as well as their determination and resources they have, are what ultimately saves her life. If she never fell in love with them, never accepted their claim of her, she would be just another victim, another lost woman forced into a world and an abuse she would never get free from. That happiness in a heartbeat she felt in the moment she was in her lovers’ arms was a life saver. She grabbed onto it, held on tight, and wouldn’t let it go. She took the chance and got what she finally needed and deserved. Happiness and love, instead of a life of loneliness and empty promises.

Taking Chances (#17) Melise has a full plate and is just trying to help her family and keep a steady income, the last place she needs to be is in the middle of some criminal gangster activity. That’s kind of hard to do when she gained attention from four well-known gangsters as well as several criminal wanna-be’s who decided that going after her will keep the gangsters in line. They don’t know who they’re dealing with nor does Melise as she learns the capabilities of the Marquis brothers and their determination to make her their woman.
She is resistant, has a lot on her plate, isn’t quite willing to take a chance even though being with them makes her feel protected and important. She wants love, and a commitment, but everything about these men labels them players, and in all honesty, the emotions, attraction, and lust is mutual, and taking a chance on them as they take a chance on her, changes their destinies.

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