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Hatter’s Cove Gazette Mysteries series by Elisabeth Crabtree (Books 2-4)
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Overview: As a life-long mystery fan, Elisabeth enjoys writing light, comedic mysteries with a touch of romance. She would love to hear from you.
Genre: Cozy Mystery


2. Revenge of the Pieman
Who murdered the Pieman?
That’s what Kat Archer, food columnist for the Hatter’s Cove Gazette wants to know when Peter "The Pieman" Massey, a food critic for a competing paper, is found dead in his garage. The police believes the old man committed suicide, Kat believes differently and sets out on a quest to find out who wanted her rival dead.

3. The Mad Hatter’s Haunted Castle
A new amusement park has sprung up in Hatter’s Cove just in time for Halloween and Kat Archer, reporter for the Hatter’s Cove Gazette, is dying to get into the park’s main attraction: the Haunted Castle.
The castle, a grand sprawling structure located on a tiny island off of the coast, was supposed to be the crown jewel of the park but for some unknown reason it has been declared off-limits to the general public since the park opened.
With access to the castle limited to only a few chosen guests, rumors have been running rampant around town. Most of the townsfolks blame the supposed ghost that haunts the island for keeping the castle doors closed. Kat, however, suspects that there is a far more rational explanation and is determined to get an exclusive invitation into the castle in order to investigate.
But when Madison Hatter, one of the park’s owners, is murdered by what appears to be a ghost, Kat starts to wonder if the castle’s ghost story is more than just a fancy marketing gimmick but in actuality the product of a diabolical mind.

4. Two Dead Love Birds
A morning phone call confessing to the murder of Ashley Byrd – psychic matchmaker extraordinaire — sends Kat racing across town only to discover the supposed victim very much alive, her director of marketing very much dead, and Kat’s biggest fan waiting for her.
Determined to get to the bottom of the murder, Kat signs up to become one of Ashley Byrd’s Love Birds–clients for whom the psychic matchmaker helps set up with their soul mates.
Kat’s less than thrilled with Ashley’s matchmaking skills, and when she starts receiving bouquets of roses everywhere she goes, she becomes more than a little alarmed.
She just hopes that she can unmask the killer before her secret admirer gets a little too close for comfort.

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