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Harvard Business School Case Studies by HBS
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Overview: This is a collection of HBS case studies. Extremely helpful for MBA students, small businesses and enthusiasts
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    Private Equity Investment in Russia: Alliance Cellulose Limited
    Procter & Gamble: Always Russia
    Barnes and Noble part A
    Barnes and Noble part B
    Barnes and Noble part C
    Leadership Online: Barnes and Noble Vs Amazon
    Brand Report Card Exercise
    Brand Report Card Article
    Building Brand: A Roadmap
    McDonald’s Corporation (Condensed)
    McDonald’s Corporation (Complete)
    Staples: A Year in the Life of a Start-Up
    ZOOTS — The Cleaner Cleaner
    Cisco Systems: Web-enablement
    Cortlandt Town Center
    Cranberries: National Cranberry Cooperative
    Dan Gordan
    Donner Company
    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
    Walt Disney’s Dennis Hightower: Weaving Together the European Operations
    Euro Disney Hightower: Taking charge
    Note on Operating Exposure to Exchange-Rate Changes
    Freeport Studio
    Fresh Connections
    GM Powertrain
    Changing channels: The impact of internet on Distribution Strategy
    Ivanova: A family business
    Johnsonsville Sausage Company
    Kristens Cookies
    Manzana Insurance
    Marquee: The Business of Nightlife
    Montague Corporation
    Note on the Retailing Industry
    Note of Store location
    Doing Business in Russia: Negotiating in the "Wild East"
    Hitting the Wall: Nike and International Labor Practices
    Process Fundamentals
    How to avoid getting lost in Numbers
    Product Development. Partnerships: Balancing the. Needs of OEMs and Suppliers
    Office Design Partners Thailand
    Online Portals
    Online Retailers
    Execution: The missing link in retail operations
    Organizing work in service firms
    OXO International
    Pacific Dunlop
    Procter & Gamble has been in Eastern Europe
    Note on How to Approach POM Cases
    Strategy and the Internet
    Torgovy Preobrazhensky
    How to fail in Project Management
    Raychem Corporation Interconnection Systems Division
    The Hostile Bid for Red October
    The old Pillars of New retailing
    Rocket Science Retailing Is Almost Here–Are You Ready?
    Confronting the Challenges that Face Bricks-and-Mortar Stores
    The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company
    Selling Books Online in Mid-1998
    Note on Service Mapping
    Shanghai VW
    Southern Pulp Paper
    Stonyfield Petro
    SouthWest Airlines America
    Trading Foods in Russia
    Tricon Restaurants International: Globalization Re-examined
    WalMart Mexico
    WalMart update
    White Nights
    The Worldwide Web and Internet Technology: Technology Note
    Yahoo!: Business on Internet Time
    The Zhulebeno Plaza

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