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Harper “Foxxy” Beck series by Raven Snow (Books 5 & 6)
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Overview: Raven Snow lives in the Pacific Northwest & enjoys writing Witch Cozy Mysteries.
Genre: Cozy Mystery


5. Murder on the Dance Floor
In the town of Waresville, people survive off the weird and freaky. Without all the tour buses, haunted attractions, and magic shops, the little town would have collapsed into ruins long ago. But Waresville isn’t the only place with things that go bump in the night. A typical Waresville mystery has popped up in the middle of steamy Miami—a city with all kinds of interesting faces, and each one of them may have a motive to kill someone important to the heroine.
Enter Harper Beck, witch, amateur sleuth, and all around groove machine. Harper hasn’t left Waresville in ten years, not since she was handed the lifeline of her inheritance and was able to rise from the slums of Miami. Now the cousin she hasn’t talked to in years is dragging her back to the city where it all started, because someone is trying to do away with him. A newly formed gas station mogul, Connor Beck has enemies left and right—some of them too close for comfort.
With a drinking ex-wife that stands to inherit the empire, and a jealous best friend who needs the money more than anyone, Harper has her hands full with trying to keep a telekinetic from introducing her cousin to the light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately, with Harper now on the case, the clock is ticking for both of them. If Harper can’t find the witch amongst hundreds of suspects and overcome her old prejudices, neither of the Becks will make it out of this high school reunion alive.

6. Counterfeits and Cauldrons
The tiny, hard to find town of Waresville is a magical place but not the rainbows and glitter kind. Here, the supernatural rule the show, the entire town’s economy based on the spooky ambiance. There’s not a soul in Waresville that doesn’t know the score. Without spooky tours, magic shops, and an unexplainable murder every couple of weeks, this town would be bankrupt. Unfortunately for the citizens, magic is never simple, and it can take as quickly as it gives. All over Waresville, counterfeit bills with a phony, pimple-faced Andrew Jackson are popping up. And then disappearing. In a matter of hours, the fake money dissolves into a cloud of green dust, leaving the shop keepers broke. Businesses are shutting down left and right in Waresville, and not even the revenue from the annual dance competition can keep this little town afloat.
Harper Beck, stage name Foxxy, has got her own problems to deal with, and they have nothing to do with missing money. Wyatt, her delicious, detective boyfriend, wants to marry her. With Harper’s commitment issues and deep-rooted fear of letting her new family down, she runs in the opposite direction, right toward the counterfeit case. And if disappearing money, broke friends, and a confrontation with her past wasn’t enough, Harper has some new, magical neighbors that are just a little too interested in her. This Christmas season, nothing is what it seems in Waresville. Can Harper take a bite out of crime and confront her fears before crime takes a bite out of her?

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