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Harem Brides of the Goblin King (# Princess to Pleasure Slave Chronicles Book Sixteen ) by Amanda Clover , Jay Aury
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Overview: Targi is just a lowly goblin, but he is tired of being used and abused by orcs and wants a beautiful human bride of his own! A whole harem of them!

Istanov has nearly fallen and the armies of the Duke of Ashes are carving up their territory from the fallen empire. Goblin warrior Targi has been conscripted to move rocks for the mighty orc chief Gorus while Gorus and the other orcs have enslaved the beautiful human women. The orcs dominate by brute force and the vague promise of pleasure for their goblin workers.

Unlike his kin, Targi is not satisfied being pushed around by orcs. He has a plan! He is going to find a woman for himself! Maybe a whole harem of them! Maybe enough to become king!

Targi stumbles across a beautiful witch named Lysa and convinces her that his plan is not like the brutal enslavement the other monsters have in mind for humanity. He seduces Lysa and wins her to his cause. With her help and her magic, he frees many other women from enslavement by the orcs and worse. But will this goblin become king or will he and his band of beautiful women be crushed by Gorus and his orcs?

Find out in this steamy twist on the Princess to Pleasure Slave Chronicles!
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


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