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Halfhyde and the Flag Captain by Philip McCutchan (The Halfhyde Adventures, #7)
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Overview: Lieutenant Halfhyde, Captain Watkiss, and Admiral Daintree are under orders to round Cape Horn on a voyage from Chile to Britain to deliver traitor Sir Russell Savory to his fate. With them and the crew, on the flagship “Halcyon,” are a motley group of passengers. Their old enemy, Vice-Admiral von Merkatz is on their trail in hopes of freeing Savory.Watkiss constantly countermands the aged Admiral’s orders and, despite the efforts of Halfhyde to thwart Watkiss’s reckless behavior, pursues his dangerous policy of confrontation with the Kaiser’s navy.Watkiss’s overt aggression is deflected by orders to return to South America. A revolutionary coup jeopardizes the safety of the British Ambassador to Uruguay. Rightly supposing that the British attention will be focussed on the ambassador rather than their captive traitor, von Merkatz steams confidently up the River Plate and, with extravagant promises, quickly makes allies of the new Uruguayan regime. Watkiss’s interference on the “Halcyon’s” bridge has caused three of the five ships in Admiral Daintree’s squadron to collide while anchoring. Thus the British are ill-prepared to contest a challenge from von Merkatz.Like all the Halfhyde Adventures, this volume is leavened with humor.
Genre: Historical Fiction


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