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Grit 2 by Elle Cross ( The Remnant Gods #2)
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Overview: Vesper Tallin thought nothing could top the turmoil of dealing with murder, kidnapping, and vengeful gods. She was wrong.

After everything that’s happened in the last month, Vesper Tallin needs a break. On hiatus from her consulting agency, she re-immerses herself in the art world. Working at the museum with her old mentor Edgar, Vesper dives back into her first love: sculpting.

Unfortunately for Vesper, things in her life never stay quiet for long. On the eve of her new gala, she’s dragged back into mystery and mayhem when Edgar is found dead in the museum’s new exhibition wing. Vesper longs to leave the murder to the professionals, but that turns out to be impossible because this case is far more personal than she thought.

Threats from Edgar’s dangerous past come calling when she discovers he’d been dealing in more than just art. In fact, he may have played a part in Vesper’s own tumultuous past.

Unwittingly thrust into peril and intrigue, Vesper must unravel her fractured memories in order to face a new evil that threatens the lives of those she loves.
Genre: Fantasy


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