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How to sculpt a Greek God Marble Chest with Push-ups (Bodyweight Bodybuilding Tips Book 1) by Anthony Arvanitakis,‎ Lela Arvanitakis (Illustrator)
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Overview: From the author of the #1 BEST-SELLING BOOK: All you need is a Pull-up Bar

How many Push-ups can you do?

10? 20? 50? 100?
Unfortunately, the number of reps doesn’t matter. Take a look on Youtube for all kinds of push-up challenges and examine the chest development of the guys doing them.

Most of the times it’s insignificant, right? Does that mean push-ups are a bad chest builder? Not at all. It’s just that most people don’t know how to activate their chest muscles properly. As a result, they do numerous reps without ever seeing their chest ever getting muscular.

How do you turn your chest muscles “on” in order to get maximum activation and muscle building? You do that by bringing intensity into your push-ups. And intensity is not about reps, it’s about how you perform those reps.

How to sculpt a Greek God Marble Chest with Push-ups teaches you all the tools you will ever need in order to produce intensity.
Genre: Bodyweight


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