Download God of the Game by Kit Yan (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

God of the Game by Kit Yan
Requirements: ePUB/MOBI reader, 916kb
Overview: Set in the afterlife, past the second coming, beyond singularity, life now is a conglomerate of videogames. Join our nameless hero as he effortlessly traverses dimensions, jumping from multiverses to metaverses, pursuing a mindless selection of violent, sexual vocations. Existence here is a hedonistic pit. With unlimited choice and eternity at his disposal, life should be meaningful. But it is not. Poor fool is stuck in his human past, continuously digs up the grave of his mortal time on Earth. Unresolved desires, ex-girlfriends and aimless addictions, the makings of a flawed deity; one that pisses on everything he creates, screws everyone he makes. No rules, and purely anarchic, so meet a motley crew of divine characters ever ready to crush the fragile egg of sanity.

Dear reader, pray your faith saves, for your convictions of infinity, of heaven and hell, may never be the same after this.
Genre: Fantasy, Religion


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