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Ginger of the West by Meg Muldoon, Jools Sinclair (A Witches of Broomfield Bay Mystery #1)
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Overview: A dead mayor.
A wacky aunt.
An uppity millionaire romance author.
And a town full of explosive secrets…

It’s one headache after another for witch and café owner Ginger Westbrook.

When Mayor Penelope Ashby rolls her car off a driveway and into the ocean, everyone in the small, sleepy seaside town of Broomfield Bay, Oregon is shocked.
Everyone but Ginger’s Aunt Vivian, who “saw” the grisly death coming long before the unlikable mayor plunged into the Pacific.
But when it’s discovered that the death may not have been an accident, accusations start flying and Ginger and Vivian find themselves smack dab in the middle of a modern-day witch hunt.
Because strange things are afoot in Broomfield Bay this summer, and it will take all of Ginger’s powers – supernatural and otherwise – to keep the small town’s pitchforks and torches at bay.
Genre: Mystery Cozy


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