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Fragile Bonds by Adelaide Walsh (Adriana Rojas Series Book 1)
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Overview: A snarky wartime journalist. A hot-as-hell, but pain-in-the-ass bear alpha. A snake changelings invasion taking despotic control of the country.

Adriana is an experienced investigative journalist: witty, good both with tech and machete, and not afraid of being in the line of fire.

Also, as a decendant of powerful witches, she has always had the knowing.

It has helped her save her ass – and the asses of people whose abductions she’s investigating – multiple times.

So she is perfectly capable of solving her problems by herself, thank you very much.

But when an army of snake changelings, with their despotic leader Dariel Abreo, takes full control of her beloved Colombia… Threatening all the other changeling species with a genocide…

She has no choice but to combine forces with two powerful changeling clans: the Bears and the Jaguars.

And their alphas, whose voice, look, and touch not only make her heart skip a bit, and panties melt…

But also trigger her visions.
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy


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