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Forbidden Series 1-4 by Samantha Sommersby
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Overview: Samantha Sommersby was first published in 2005 and has now left what she used to call her "real life" day job to pursue writing and working in the publishing industry full-time. Sam’s background in the psychiatric field is apparent in her work and allows her to bring a unique perspective to her characters and stories. She loves to spend the day in her office creating"spinning rich tales and weaving together interesting plots. Her aim is to create a hero that will literally sweep a reader off her feet. She currently lives in Southern California with her husband of seventeen years, her fourteen year old son, and her cocker spaniel, Buck.

Forbidden 01 – The Claim
Byron Renfield has spent years climbing the social ladder, and is now successful, handsome, independently wealthy…and a vampire. For over two centuries, he’s held the honored position of Treasurer of his Clan’s most sacred Trust. He’s also been responsible for the financial security of the most elite of the immortals, the Dominie. In order to ensure his redemption, Byron isolated himself on a small private island, away from all temptation. It was a good plan.until the day Violet Deeds was stranded there. Violet is beautiful, sexy, outspoken, and a human, which makes her completely off limits. His society’s canon may forbid relationships between vampires and humans, but will that be enough to help Byron and Violet conquer the intensity of their attraction to one another? Or will Byron succumb and take a little nibble?

Forbidden 02 – The Awakening
The past two months have been the longest of Byron Renfield’s three hundred and seventy-nine years. After almost four centuries of dedicated service to his clan, four centuries spent in the pursuit of redemption, the powerful vampire did the inexplainable and unforgivable. In an impulsive act of passion he claimed the beautiful Violet Deeds, a human, as his mate. When Violet found herself stranded on a remote island occupied by the charismatic Byron she never imagined that she would be saving him, but the fiery red-headed psychiatrist did just that-bringing the immortal to life and introducing him to love.
Now, afraid of retribution from his clan and concerned for Violet’s safety, Byron takes steps to protect them both. But will it be enough? Irrevocably bound together, as the tie between Byron and Violet strengthens, they step into one another’s worlds, awakening long buried desires and threatening the balance of society and nature.

Forbidden 03 – The Revolution
Experience the magic.
Twenty-five years ago Dell Renfield’s father started a revolution, and Dell plans to finish it. Sorcerer, vampire, secret weapon, he’s spent a lifetime training for his fate. The one distraction he isn’t equipped for? Special Agent Alexandria Sanchez. A woman he desires above all others – and a woman he dare not get close to. Alex’s love life is already cursed. She doesn’t need the added complication of a sexy new partner. Especially one whose touch is literally magic. Posing as his lover for the sake of their investigation is pure hell – and pure heaven. Now if she can just get him to quit casting spells long enough to prove she’s capable. And keep her hands to herself in the process. As they infiltrate a dangerous culture, temptation becomes too much to resist. And their torrid affair triggers an epic battle for power that could forever alter the future for them.and their kind.

Forbidden 04 – The Temptation
There’s a fine line between man and beast…one only the heart can cross.
A year ago, Jacob Madison got more than he bargained for during a rock-climbing trip to Yosemite. A freak accident left him badly injured, at the mercy of the elements – and the wolves who rescued him. If it hadn’t been for them, he’d be dead. He’d also still be human. Now he’s back, hoping to find out who he is and what he’s become. Instead, he finds smart, sexy Allison Connelly. A forensic psychologist, Allison is newly divorced and proudly standing on her own two feet until an unexpected storm shears off the snow bank she’s standing on. She plunges down an icy ravine, thinking she’s heading for oblivion. Then she lands in the arms of a tall, dark Texan. Jake. Brought together by circumstance and bound by passion, secrets from their past threaten their future before it can begin. And somewhere in the mountains lurks a rogue Were turned serial killer. Whatever the danger Jake’s inner beast poses to Allison, there’s only one way to protect her – unleash it. Even if it costs him her love.

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