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Fighting For Love by Kay Brody (A Writer’s Romance Book 2)
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 160 KB
Overview: Lana Carson is an editor for a publishing company. Surrounded by romance, one would think she’d have learned a thing or two about the subject. But, despite her efforts, she still found herself alone.

There have been men. However, none of them ever seem to last longer than a couple weeks. Without fail, nature would take its course and she’d end up back on her own once again.

Then she met Andrew. Nicknamed “Lucky”, he is a man with a heart as big as the ocean and whose endless patience is in direct contrast to Lana’s turbulent personality. It seems opposites do attract.

There’s just one problem: there’s more to Andrew’s story…

He has a dangerous side. A side he is trying to shield Lana from. But what if the only way to truly protect her is to let her go?
Genre: Romantic Suspense


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