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Feathers From The Sky by Jess Wisecup (The Hunting Vengeance Duet Book 1)
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Overview: GWYN

I am a husk seeking oblivion.

Broken after the death of her parents, Gwyn Parsons self-medicates with alcohol and skin contact. She doesn’t forge real connections, and she’s lost sight of who she even is. Prompted by the memory of a past betrayal, she decides to be vulnerable. Allowing a friend to coordinate a matchmaking photo shoot with a stranger, Gwyn takes a step toward something dangerous and unpredictable.

Something she can’t control.


Her heart is better off in a box than in my hands.

Roman Sauveterre’s search for his brother’s killer, murdered while looking for the last two vampire hunters, has brought him to Gwyn Parsons. Where his brother and those before him have failed, Roman will not. Set to inherit leadership over his vampire coven, Roman must prove to his father he deserves it. Taking out the last threat to his people while avenging his brother’s death should suffice. He knows everything there is to know about Gwyn and her father, far more than she seems to. Not convinced that the walking disaster of a person he’s stalked these last few months could have had anything to do with his brother’s death, he seeks answers by getting closer. When his patience pays off and he finds himself posing for steamy photographs with the last living vampire hunter, her apple pie scent and body in his hands are a temptation he doesn’t expect. And when his father demands Gwyn’s heart, Roman must make a choice.

When Gwyn’s inner thoughts are silenced by the inimitable Roman Sauveterre, she is drawn to him in a way she fears. And when Roman starts to question his loyalty because of her, he knows a decision must be made.

But will either of them survive it?
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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