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Fast Times: How Digital Winners Set Direction, Learn, and Adapt by Arun Arora, Peter Dahlstrom, Klemens Hjartar, Florian Wunderlich
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Overview: An expert guide for senior executives who want to quickly understand what really matters in digital business and what it takes to win. Today’s technology demands lightning-fast changes. But speed without purpose is not progress. In Fast Times, McKinsey leaders cut through the hype to provide a listenable inside look into what digital winners do best: set direction, learn, and adapt faster than anyone else.For executives frustrated with their pace of change, Fast Times digs into the root questions that shine a light on the issues that keep companies like yours from setting direction, learning, and adapting: Do you really know how your company is performing? How do you make it safe for people to experiment so you can build a proactive culture? How do you balance fast execution with deliberate decision-making? Are your training programs up to the challenge of reskilling the talent you need tomorrow? Do your IT people have the skills needed to build the tech that’s needed and incorporate cybersecurity?The experts at McKinsey & Company draw from decades of experience and detailed analysis to highlight what matters most in order to become a digital winner. With illuminating sidebars and real-life scenarios, Fast Times is an invaluable shortcut to setting direction, learning, and adapting to win.
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