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Eye of Doom (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons/Monstrous Arcana Accessory) by Thomas Reid
Requirements: PDF Reader, 6.7 mb
Overview: After hiring a group of brave adventures to help him “acquire” a beholder specimen, the mage Welinax disappears! Rumors blame an insidious thieves’ guild called the Unblinking Eye for this turn of events. Why would the Unblinking Eye wish to “take care” of the mage? Why does the guild want to speak to anyone involved with Welinax? Finally, what dark goal does the guild truly intend to accomplish? Finding out the answers to these questions will leady doughty adventurers straight through the shadows of a crafty thieves’ guild and onto the threshold of an even deeper and more dangerous darkness. Eye of Doom is the second of three adventures featuring the nightmarish beholder. It can be played as an individual mission or as part of the series that began with Eye of Pain and concludes in Eye to Eye.
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy › Gaming


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