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Eternity Covenant Series 1-2 by Ursula Bauer
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Overview: Ursula Bauer has a love for the weird, wild, and decidedly odd that touches everything she writes. She enjoys crossing genres and combining elements of speculative fiction such as magic and urban fantasy with romance, and blending that with unusual bits of science, history and mythology. When not writing, she can be found reading through her ever growing TBR piles, haunting local bookstores and e-book sites, and catering to the demands of her seventeen pound Maine Coon cat. In addition to being an avid romance reader, she’s a dedicated RPG and Sci-Fi geek, and suffers from a long time addiction to the Star Wars saga. She lives in the upstate region of NYS along with her husband of 14 years.

Eternity Covenant 01 – Immortal Protector
Gideon Sinclair, an immortal, shape-shifting soldier, defies the ancient gods he serves, risking his existence and the future of the mortal world, when he saves the life of the woman he was sworn to kill: Dr. Megan Carter. For centuries hes fought for justice and balance in the eternal struggle between good and evil. Gideon challenges destiny and the forces aligning against her, but when Meg becomes more than a mission, will he be able to accept the healing love she offers or will their enemies and the demons of his past be their undoing? Megs accidental contact with an artifact sacred to the Goddess Isis thrusts her into the midst of a centuries old battle between two rival gods, and makes her the target of a crazed magician bent on unlocking the secrets of immortality. With nowhere to turn and no one to trust, she puts her life in the hands of the lethal, enigmatic Gideon, and is drawn into his dark world. She cant resist the passionate desire he stirs, but will she pay the ultimate price when she falls for a man who no longer has a heart?

Eternity Covenant 02 – Immortal Illusions
What would you risk to make your darkest dream a reality? Outcast sorcerer Jack Madden has waited fifty years to take revenge against the Council of Wardens for wrongly convicting him of a crime, binding his powers beyond repair. When the Council turns to him to help retrieve four missing arcane artifacts, Jack decides its his best shot at vengeance. And Raine Spencer fearful of her power and clueless about how to use itis his perfect mystical surrogate and mark. Raine loyally serves the Council of Wardens as a top Occult Operations Analyst, but she longs to take the sacred oath and become a knight. With the taint of Elven blood in her veins, she has a snowballs chance in hell of making that dream a reality until she is chosen by Mad Jack to act as a mystical surrogate. Raine is ready to face down her fear of her wild Elven side, and team up with the most unprincipled scoundrel to ever haunt the halls of the Council of Wardens. But is she ready to pay the price with her heart?

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