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Escape the Monster Breeding Grounds by Amanda Clover (Choose Your Own Erotic Odyssey #1)
Requirements: ePUB, MOBI Reader, 1 MB
Overview: In this dark fantasy twist on the tradition of interactive novels, you decide the actions of a beautiful princess as she tries to escape a forest prowled by lusty monsters…

Princess Sabrina was not happy to be promised as a bride to the elves, but her dismay soon turned to fear as her carriage came under attack, stranding the princess in a dark forest infamous for harboring monsters.

Can the princess escape the clutches of the foul denizens of the wood and reach her elven groom? Wil she go through with the marriage or find a different love along the way?

It is all up to YOU in this 100,000+ word erotic novel, featuring dozens of erotic encounters and 27 steamy endings. This dark fantasy is not for the truly adventurous; orcs, goblins, trolls, beastmen, werewolves, tentacle beasts, and many more horrors lurk within. From romance with a handsome knight, to an encounter with a seductive succubus with something extra, to bondage at the hand of the elven queen, every fantasy can be explored, if YOU choose.
Genre: Erotic


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