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Equal Time Point by Harrison Jones
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Overview: ‘There has never been a mid ocean ditching by an air carrier jet.’ These are the words that haunt Captain Charlie Wells when he realizes that his jumbo jet has a problem over the Atlantic. None of the passengers or crew could know that a disgruntled airline mechanic has sentenced them to a night of terror. As the flight approaches the Equal Time Point and is the most distant from land, Captain Wells and his crew of pilots and flight attendants struggle to avoid making history. While airline personnel, the FAA, and the FBI try to solve the mystery of Tri Con Flight Eleven, a small U.S. Navy ship may be the only hope for the 208 souls on board. Ride along in the cockpit as this routine international flight becomes a nightmare that will require all the flight staff’s training to survive. After reading Equal Time Point, frequent flyers and first-time passengers will find themselves studying the emergency procedure card in the seatback before their next flight.
Genre: Mystery Thriller


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