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Emotional Intelligence 2.0: The Ultimate Guide to Develop Your EQ – Learn How to Improve Social Skills and Achieve The Habits of Highly Effective People by Jack Golden
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Overview: Emotional intelligence is one’s ability to understand their own emotions and also the feelings of the people who are around them. The emotionally intelligent person makes each day of their life a lesson in emotional intelligence, and it is their goal to increase their level of emotional intelligence each day as they communicate with other people around them and themselves.Interest in emotional intelligence has increased recently as men and women realize that this is an aspect of intelligence that has traditionally been ignored. Although intelligence itself has long been regarded as important, traditional definitions of this quality and the associated measuring tools were found to be ill-suited to changing perceptions about human ability.The advice is easy to understand, and will take you to a new level of maturity. It has the power to give you a new outlook on life.
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