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Ellie Quicke series by Veronica Heley (#17-#18)
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Overview: Veronica Heley has published more than fifty books, including crime fiction, historical, and children’s titles. She is currently involved in the Ellie Quicke series of crime stories and a variety of other projects. A full-time writer, she has been married to a London probation officer since 1964, and has one musician daughter.
Genre: Mystery


Murder in Style (Ellie Quicke #17)
Poppy s wealthy father hadn t liked the look of the men whom his twin daughters intended to marry, and had set them up in the Magpie fashion boutique to ensure they would be able to support themselves; at the same time ensuring that the girls made a will in one another s favour.
The business prospered and expanded until, many years later, skeletons start to come out of the closet. Bodies too
And Ellie s enquiries uncover a hornet s nest of greed and malice combined with tragic secrets.

Murder for Nothing (Ellie Quicke #18)
Ellie Quicke believes in helping people in trouble. But it would appear that her latest good deed has returned to bite her when she takes in a weeping girl who needs somewhere to stay. Selfish, thoughtless and irresponsible, Angelica is by no means the easiest of house guests, confident that someone else will always pick up the bill. But when a dead body is found in the garden the morning after a riotous party she’s organized, Angelica plunges Ellie’s household into a situation too hot for any of them to handle.
Selfish and thoughtless her guest may be, but Ellie does not believe Angelica is capable of murder. However, when she attempts to uncover the truth about what happened that night, Ellie unearths a series of disturbing revelations.

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Murder for Nothing

#10-#11, #13-#14

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