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Dragon Stone Fire by Suzi Ward (Dragon Stone Fire #1)
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Overview: The legendary dragon stone lies hidden, awaiting the marriages of three maidens, as yet unborn, who will each find one-third of the stone’s heart and reunite them. When they do, their magical species will be restored to the world.

Jessa, seventh in the line of dragon stone keepers, has no idea that this is her purpose. Growing up with her witch grandmother and her pet wolf, she learns to use magic, preparing herself for eternal partnership with her soul mate, Nic, to whom she has been married in every incarnation.

Once married, Nic and Jessa must set out on the quest to find her part of the dragon stone. Nic hopes Jessa will remember their previous lives’ passion and the depth of his love for her as they travel together to seek that which links them even more closely than Jessa knows.

Can Jessa fulfil the destiny that binds their families?
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy


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