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Dr. Hallie Malone Cozy Mystery 4 Book Box Set by Liz Turner
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Overview: Follow along as we serve up 4 delectable servings of clean and wholesome cozy mysteries you’re sure to enjoy! Join Dr Hallie Malone as she moonlights as a Medical Examiner and a part time sleuth to uncover some home spun murder mysteries.
Genre: Mystery Cozy


Murder: A Deadly Stew

With World War II just ended, Dr. Hallie Malone is looking forward to a simpler life in her old hometown of Warrenton, Ma. Little does she know that evil lurks even in the simple routines of daily life.

When a poisoned stew at a party causes the death of one of their most succesful businessman, Hallie, as the town’s new medical examiner, must find out who the killer is and how exactly the poison was administered.

But as the case grows more dangerous, and the killer more desperate, Hallie has to race against time to find the cold-blooded murderer. Is a killer loose in Warrenton and will he strike again?

Half-Baked Blackmail & Murder

Dr. Hallie Malone is happy to be finally settling into her new life as general practitioner at Warrenton Hospital after many tumultuous years as a wartime doctor on the front of World War II.
But just as she’s making her mark on the small Massachusetts town, an old patient comes calling: he claims Hallie misdiagnosed him months ago, and he’s got proof! Although certain the patient is a con man, Hallie’s left with the choice to pay him the exorbitant sum he demands or risk losing her reputation. That is, unless she can prove he’s lying. She has twenty-four hours to decide.
The situation quickly becomes deadly when the only person who could have helped Hallie ends up brutally murdered. Was the con man the killer? Hallie’s not so sure. Who of her new neighbors and friends can be trusted? It’s a race against time as she must decide and work quickly to reveal the killer—all before the day is done.

The Sandwich Murder

Dr. Hallie Malone is settled in Sandwich, Cape Cod, for the summer of 1951. The small coastal town seems to be everything she had hoped for her summer at the beach—relaxed, sunny, and full of large pine trees and stunning ocean views. But when a dead body turns up inexplicably, Hallie quickly realizes that the seaside paradise is harboring deadly secrets.
Dr. Malone joins Detective Truman in uncovering in the identity of the corpse and more importantly, determining how he ended up dead in the middle of the quiet town. Their sleuthing thrusts them into the cutthroat worlds of espionage, chemical warfare, and love.

The Bakery Truck Mystery

It’s been two years since Dr. Hallie Malone moved to the tranquil town of Warrenton, Massachusetts, and all is going well. But on the first night of autumn, the town bears witness to a mysterious event: the body of Captain Tannen, a beloved Warrentonian, falls straight out of the sky. So many are devastated by the captain’s apparent suicide, including the chief detective on the case, Sergeant Jackson. Everyone is desperate for answers.
When Dr. Malone joins the case, she begins to suspect that the captain didn’t take his own life after all—someone else did. She quickly becomes ensnared in a deadly crime ring operating right in their own town. From the boozy Loch’s Gentleman’s Club to a private airport in the country, Hallie and Jackson work to uncover the truth. Will they follow the trail of clues far enough to prove Hallie’s hunch is right, or will their fate be that of Captain Tannen?

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