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Download Murder by Patrick Logan (Detective Damien Drake #3)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 612KB
Overview: There are more than 10 million ebooks available online, but there is only one that predicts murder before it happens.

Detective Damien Drake is from the old guard, and he doesn’t have time for reading, let alone staring at a glowing screen. But when gets called in to help with a case, he suddenly finds himself thrust into the world of digital books.

And one particular story, about murdered women, their lips painted bright red with their own blood, captivates not only Damien, but the entire world.

Except these books aren’t fiction, they’re real. But unlike other true crime stories, not all of these murders have been committed… yet.

Download Murder: A Terrifying Psychological Murder Mystery is the third book in the Detective Damien Drake Series, which merges the grittiness of the movie Se7en and the psychological breadth of Hannibal to create truly original detective stories that will make you want to lock your doors and stay inside… and turn off your tablet, computer, and eReader.
Genre: Fiction > Mystery/Thriller


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