Download Domestic Decay Series by Anya Merchant (.ePUB)

Domestic Decay Series by Anya Merchant (.ePUB) (#1-8)
Requirements: .ePUB Reader | 5.3mb
Overview: William “Lockpick” Sorling, former apprentice member of the heroic Crimson Five, returns home to the affectionate women of his mentor team after serving time as a convicted supervillain. Five years have passed, enough time for everything to have changed.
He’s changed, even. Gone is the scrawny teenager fiddling with locks in the background. Standing in his place is a young man hardened to an edge by chaos and incarceration. Will’s power, his real power, made him into one of the most dangerous men in the entire prison. But now, he’s ready to make another stab at an honest life, ready to make amends to the people that matter most.
Jess – Relic. Still the busy matriarch of the household. As Relic, one of the most famous superheroines in the country, she’d been admired and worshipped by the masses. As Jess, she’d always provided for Will in a more domestic role, her beauty taking a backseat to telling bedtime stories and making tuna sandwiches.
Rue – Webcam. Once so shy and precocious, now all grown up, filled out. She’d been so close to Will, but that was before she became a teenager, before smartphones and social media and broken promises.
Avery – Kestrel. Little miss perfect, now retired from the Crimson Five and working a mundane job. She’s a normal, functioning adult… on the surface.
Home at last, and all pent up from prison. It’s time for Will to get to know his household anew. How close is too close?

Download Instructions: (Links updated on 9th April 2022. Thanks to Teejay4p)

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