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Doctor Bimbo by Marci Wilcox
Requirements: ePUB MOBI Reader, 440 Kb
Overview: Brilliant scientist, Dr. Henry Tile, creates a machine that can rearrange DNA to cure disease or change a person’s sex without painful surgery. He discovers that marketing director Jarod Blackwell has been embezzling money from Henry’s company, Tile Genomics Inc. Before Henry can fire Jarod and report his criminal activities to the authorities, Jarod has Henry kidnapped and puts him into his own machine and under deep hypnosis. Henry wakes up to discover that she is now Heather and for the last year she has been Jarod’s beautiful bimbo who does whatever sex act he commands her to perform. Jarod has even nicknamed her Doctor Bimbo. But Jarod has grown bored with mindless Heather and has released her from the deep hypnosis. He wanted her to be fully aware that he has sold her into sexual slavery in Dubai. Will Dr. Bimbo spend the rest of her life as a sex slave with full knowledge of who she had been before? Or will she find a way to return to her old life?
Genre: Erotic Romance


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